Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Short Review

"Nuclear Altar is a hardcore punk band from Požega, Croatia. Blessed Ruins is their new LP. Nuclear Altar play a heavy brand of hardcore bringing in d-beat and some sludge. Thematically and atmospherically this would not be out of place next to some raw black metal, or hardcore that is heading in that direction like Distaste on their new LP Black Age Of Nihil. On songs like Crushing Silence and End Of Illusions Nuclear Altar play a rather straight ahead up tempo hardcore while on songs like they slow things down to a sludgy crawl. The singer has a raw, gravelly voice that he puts to great use. Throw in a covers of Discharge's The Possibility of Life's Destruction and Anti-Cimex's Cries Of Pain and you've got a crushing LP. Highlights include Crushing Silence, End of Illusions, Infernal Disappearance, and Cries Of Pain If you like your hardcore with d-beat and a little sludge, Nuclear Altar's Blessed Ruins should serve well."