Sunday, July 1, 2012

Set, Duities & Lyrics

Dismal Worship Begins / End 0f Illusion
Seeing Demons Everywhere
Crushing Silence
Infernal Disappearance
The Possibility 0f Life's Destruction (Discharge)
Blessed Ruins
Gates Forever Closed
Cries 0f Pain (Anti-Cimex)

Archmaster Boris – Savage Doctrine & Ritual Steel
Petar The Prince Of Apocalypse – Royal Thunder
Hell's Marshal Nenad – Hammers Of Global Darkness

End 0f Illusion

For seven days seven blades
For seven nights seven graves

Resignation is salvation
Barren vision, end of illusion

Seeing Demons Everywhere

Rise in number, rise in size
Rise forever, no more lies

Rise, rise, fucking rise
No more heaven in my eyes

Seeing demons everywhere

Crushing Silence

Desperate monsters born in gutter
Endless darkness across the wastelands

Crushing silence

Evil spawned deep inside
Rotten mind of mankind

Infernal Disappearance

Our way, our times
From misery to demise
No angels, no gods
Back to graveyards

Infernal disappearance

Blessed Ruins

Kneel, kneel
Kneel down
Kneel in front
My burning crown

Blessing the ruins
With your debris and filth

Gates Forever Closed

Constant shadow
A sign of sorrow
Vile and hollow
Death shall follow

Forever closed

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